What’s the big deal about hiring a wedding photography and videography team? More and more brides are simplifying and streamlining their wedding planning process (for their own sanity!). One key way to do that is by hiring one photography and videography TEAM rather than scouting out separate companies for each. As a past bride, I know you’ll agree that the vendor search can be incredibly stressful! We’ve heard our bride’s cries for help as they endlessly managed communication threads, made deposits and signed contracts for tons of different vendors. Truth be told, that’s one major reason why we added videography to our services! Well, that AND due to Mark’s obsession with cinematography. If you’re on the fence, here are 5 benefits to consider: 



The memories you make on your wedding day will be cohesive and authentic, shouldn’t your photos and video footage be too?! Since each independent photographer and videographer will have their own way of shooting and editing, you could get two distinctly different renditions of your day. Imagine ending up with dark and moody photographs but a golden, vibrantly colored wedding video. Not. Ideal. It’s true, you could find a separate photographer and videographer whose styles are similar, but it won’t be nearly as cohesive as what a photo and video team with the same mission and goals can produce for you. By hiring a team, your wedding photos and film will be a perfect match in terms of quality, style and feel.  



Let’s be honest. Have you ever been a bridesmaid trying to get through the paparazzi of two photographers, an assistant, a videographer and another assistant just to help your best friend get ready?! Again, not ideal. Choosing one company minimizes the amount of people needed in the room so your loved ones can truly experience your day with you. A photo and video team will approach your wedding day unitedly with a plan to get the best coverage while allowing for the smoothest day possible.  


When a team has experience working together, (cough cough, husband and wife teams) synchronization can be accomplished. What does that mean for you as a bride? Think of this as the difference between synchronized swimmers and a mosh pit of vendors. When it comes to posing, we won’t need you to do one movement multiple times. There won’t be a videographer’s tripod obstructing the aisle in one picture and a photographer’s flash ruining a crucial moment of video footage.  



With so many emails going back and forth between vendors and planning the logistics of your day, having your photography and videography as one vendor can take a lot off your plate. You can set up just one meeting for both services, have one channel of communication, one contract, one deposit, ONE team that suits your personality and style! 



Last but not least – and probably you’re favorite – booking a photo and video team is cost-efficient! Only one deposit is needed because only one company’s date is being secured. Most photo and film teams, including us, offer special package bundles if you book for both services. What’s not to love? 

So, if you’re dreaming of cohesive wedding photographs and video footage, reduced wedding stress and cost efficiency, then hiring a photo + video team is the way to go!

What are your thoughts on hiring a photo and video team? Are you considering this for your big day? Past brides: have you hired a team and totally loved it?! Or perhaps some brides out there regret not doing this for their wedding? Drop us a comment -- we would love to hear your thoughts!


Audrey + Mark