We did it.

We decided to rename our business and we couldn't be more pleased with this welcomed change! As you’ve likely noticed on our Instagram, we’ve been rolling out a few exciting developments. First, we announced that McElroy Fine Art Photography officially became East End Photography & Film! We decided not to use our first or last names this time around. Our aim was a name that stood for our style and high quality work. Debuting our new logo and website followed. 

What inspired these changes? Naturally, our skill set has continually evolved over the years. As we began drawing more inspiration from Audrey's east coast roots, we wanted to bring in more clean, crisp, and cool tones to our business and style. Starting with our name! That’s when “East End” was born. 

In addition to the new aesthetic, another factor that warranted this rebranding was to add Wedding Films to our services! This has been a goal long in the making for Mark, and he’s excited to share what he has been working on. Rest assured that amid many changes, we are still the same husband and wife team; that's a change we'll never make! 

Why did we change our name? Our photography journey began over 5 years ago, and naming our business was much more difficult than you can imagine.. We thought we were playing it safe by sticking with our last name. Well, as they say, experience is the best teacher. Five years later, we concluded that “McElroy” is difficult for many to pronounce and spell correctly. So, it was time to move on and seize new opportunities for growth in the process. 

It’s important to us to stay personally connected to our clients while our brand accentuates our style. With our experience comes understanding the kind of relationship a bride and groom have with their wedding photographer. The significance of finding a photographer who shares your style is one of the more obvious aspects of planning your wedding. Less obvious – and arguably more important – is finding a photographer you enjoy working with. After all, they are with you every moment (even more than your fiancé!) on the most special day of your life!

As we transitioned from McElroy Fine Art Photography to East End Photography & Film, we decided it was time to get comfortable stepping out from behind the camera to become a more involved and personally transparent part of our own brand. It’s time we embrace all that we offer! By being more accessible, we can help our future clients decide if we’re the right photography and videography team for them.

What do you think of our new name, brand, and overall look?! Drop us a comment over on Instagram!

Audrey + Mark