Choosing the Best Photographer For You

So you've found the love of you life! Congratulations!!! Now we'd like to help you find the photography team that is perfect for capturing your big day. Planning your wedding can be overwhelming. After all, it is not something you do every day! Every wedding blog, friend, checklist, and magizine tells you how crucial choosing the right wedding photographer is. You only get one shot to capturing these lifelong memories, and that's a lot of pressure! How can you make sure that you make the right choice? The following are a few things to consider...


We all feel more comfortable around people we enjoy and trust. Your photographer and second shooter will be with you 90% of your wedding day. That being the case, we feel that it is important that you not only like your photographer's style but also consider them a friend. How do you start to determine what photographer is right for you? Set up an in-person or virtual meeting. You won't regret taking the time to do so, and getting a sense of who makes you comfortable with go a long way on your big day!


The best way to stick to a budget is to start one! Be sure to set a specific amount for photography in your overall wedding budget. Don't shy in communicating that budget when contacting potential photographers. Remember, there are photographers for ever budget!


While the subject of style may seem obvious, sometimes it gets lost behind everyone else's recommendations or overwhelmed by your budget. What makes up a photographers style....

lighting, posing and editing

-LIGHTING is essential for photography, the way a photographer uses light changes a their style massively. We use light to make our images stand out as vibrant, clean, and as crisp as possible. We use the natural light of the scene, especially when it comes to the ceremony, but we also use off camera lighting for a number of different scenarios. This is advantageous for filling in unflattering shadows, to create directional light to convey emotion, creating the dynamic sunset or venue-focused shots, and of course, to create eye catching reception images.

You will find that some photographers make use of flash while others rarely use it at all. These choices make for very different results, so be careful to take notice of the style you like and choose a photographer accordingly. And if you have any questions, please as us!

-POSING is another factor that changes a photographers style. Some pose couples for most of the day, others let the day develop and they capture it, then others are in the middle. We prefer to direct you into a place and pose that is flattering while encouraging candid interactions. We have found that couples like to have the security of being directed into a pose and then allowed to be themselves. Rest assured, real moments happen within poses. The best way to see a photographers posing style is by requesting to see an entire wedding day gallery.

-EDITING is done behind the scenes and influences the final product that you get. In your research, you have probably heard terms like light & airy, dark & moody, and monochromatic. We like to edit in a way that preserves the unique esthetics of your day. We want you to be able to relive your wedding day the way you planned it. Take note of a photographer's style and determine if that is how you want to remember your wedding day.